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Daniel Anstandig is an in-demand, futuristic speaker whose talks on topics including innovation, entrepreneurship, and media are as inspiring as they are memorable.

Most Requested Presentations

Strong presentations on important topics, customized for your team.

The Now and Future State of AI in Media and Entertainment

When many people think of AI — artificial intelligence — they think of a dystopian future and movie magic. The fact is that there are hundreds of ways any Media or Entertainment company can incorporate AI into their operational strategies right now to influence business outcomes. This session covers: • An overview of AI for managers that explains artificial intelligence in simple, easy-to-understand, tangible concepts. • Why companies that don’t meaningfully incorporate AI into their operational strategies by 2030 will be extinct. • How AI is being used effectively by Media and Entertainment companies today, and what’s on the horizon for the future. • The implications of AI on your audience and revenue growth.

12 Ways to Grow Your Audience Using AI

In a noisy world of buzzword bingo, “AI” comes up a lot — but too often, it’s used as a sexy concept rather than a term representing actual, tangible ways that companies of all types can grow their audience. In this session, we’ll discuss: • Specific, actionable ways your business can grow its audience using artificial intelligence. • The benefits of using a “crawl, walk, run” strategy to get your team on board with embracing AI. • Recommendations for how your specific business can get started with technology that will move the mark and show a strong ROI on AI.

The Now and Future State of Web3

Today the Web3 landscape is bursting with potential. Dozens of new projects have emerged in the last couple of years that promise a new, more immersive internet, but current cryptocurrency market conditions could mean that Web3 will look much different in the coming years. As existing projects fizzle out and new ones emerge, what will Web3 look like in the future? And should it be concerning that the cryptocurrency market’s volatility has the power to change Web3 so significantly? In this session, we’ll discuss: • Web3 today: the metaverse, play-to-earn games, and DeFi tools. • A look at how historical market conditions have changed the project landscape within the blockchain industry. • Is the current market different? How institutional investing in • Web3 may create a steady future. • Web3’s future: an immersive online world where users own their data and earn on-chain.

The Now and Future State of Podcasting

Podcasting has emerged as one of the largest audience and revenue growth opportunities of the past decade, even for companies that don’t consider themselves to be audio brands. This presentation, which is highly tailored to the audience’s level of experience with podcasting covers: • Facts and myths about what it takes to be successful in podcasting. • What audiences consider to be “podcasts” — and why that might be different from those who call themselves “podcasting experts” say. • How to effectively monetize your podcast, even if you’re not selling ads. • The growing role of video in the podcast space.

What Content Creators Need to Know About Web3

Anyone that spends time online today is bound to hear about Web3. The “future of the internet” promises changes to the data landscape, innovations in metaverse communities, and a more immersive online environment, but what does that mean for content creators? In this session, we’ll discuss: • What changes Web3 will bring to the social media world. • How content creators can get ahead and work with these changes in real-time. • How the metaverse will embrace creativity and enable better tools for content creation. • Why the future of the data landscape may be favorable for content creators.

What Music Can Teach Us About Leadership

The artists and music we love can teach us a lot about quality leadership, discipline, practice, and the ability to work well with others. Songwriting and performance need creative thinking and problem-solving, which teach audience engagement and persuasion. Learn about: • Hard effort and discipline: Great musicians are brilliant, but they also practice constantly to improve. Leaders may learn from this work ethic. • Collaboration: Great musicians learn to work effectively with others to create coherent and harmonious music. Leaders may learn from this collaboration and teamwork. • Communication: Great musicians connect with their audience through music. Leaders should learn how to communicate and connect. • Creativity and problem-solving: Great musicians must be imaginative and think outside the box to create fresh and original music. Leaders may learn from innovative problem-solving.

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