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Founder. CEO. Innovator.

Daniel Anstandig is a technology and media expert who leads Futuri, an AI-powered SaaS company that grows audience engagement and sales for thousands of broadcasters and creators. With nine consecutive years on the Inc. 5000 List, Futuri enables media companies worldwide to leverage AI to drive content, audience, and revenue growth.


A serial entrepreneur and advisor holding 20 patents, Anstandig also founded AI investment platform and 721 Investment Systems. He serves on the boards of directors for a number of companies in the media and technology industries. He is passionate about emerging technology trends and using innovation to better humanity.


Beyond tech, Anstandig is a producer, drummer, songwriter (BMI), and passionate about the convergence of technology and media. He applies his expertise to anticipate future opportunities at the intersection of tech and media.

Passionate about...

Creating the technology-powered future of media and entertainment.

Building entrepreneurial talent-rich teams.

Developing straightforward solutions for complex high-stakes problems.

Impacting people as a positive leader, entrepreneur, and strategic advisor. 

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